Collaboration with Amref

amref scrivania

Seven parts will also participate in Amref’s social project that promotes health in Africa. This will take place the donation of proceeds towards the reconstruction of classrooms and desks for children in Kenya, water cisterns for drinking water, adequate sanitation services, and the promotion of the correct use of new hygiene and drainage services.

The end purpose is that of bringing about a positive change which is only possible through offering specialised training programmes, primarily to children.

In fact, children are precisely the human capital that needs to be invested in. They are capable of making real positive changes that are sustainable over long periods of time. It is children, who after learning correct hygiene practices at school, diffuse these practices at home and among the community at large.

Thus, over the years, bringing a state of wellbeing, health and development to the local community enabling it to further understand real needs and the right to live a healthy life health with dignity.

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