Every day, orders are collected through our online system until 10 pm. We are able to supply our Italian customers by 12 am the next day. Our logistical centre is capable of processing customer orders, from around the world, in the tightest of time frames all thanks to the professionalism and enthusiasm of our employees.


The existing warehouse extends over a 7000 sq. m. This area will be doubled on completion of our second warehouse. Due to the large volume of reference numbers processed, precision and attention to detail are paramount. This is possible thanks to the professionalism of our employees in the warehouse. The collection and preparation of the goods must follow a specific criteria that minimises errors. All processes are managed electronically. The warehouse is divided into a receivables area, preparation area, packaging area, shipping area in Italy, and a worldwide shipping area.


The right product at the right price, delivered in the right time period. All this is possible thanks to a vast array of spare parts and over 130.000 available reference numbers. The range includes: mechanical parts, electrical components, electronics, air conditioning units, body parts, compressed air and lubricants.

Added value, because we choose.

Ways of contacting us

There are a number of ways in which our clients can contact us, through our large body of telephone operators or through our e-commerce portal. Therefore, enabling them to access details on any order shipped and its location at any time (customer care).

Verification instruments and integration flows

All of our systems are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and every step is integrated through ERP with our operations.
Every product that is shipped from our warehouse is checked several times throughout the entire process, from incoming to final delivery.

Big Data

The display of the cross-reference number with the original application, directly on-line and on the trolleys, highlights problems and errors registered on the vehicle and suggests products on special offer and complimentary products that may be purchased. With displays on-line, you can search for the availability, web service systems and integration with our clients. Search for the original code, number plate, chassis number, registered ownership and catalogued brand model.

Procedura semplificata di reso ON LINE 

Dopo la vendita bisogna gestire i casi di difettosità. IDIR gestisce direttamente on line le richieste, dando la possibilità di prenotare una sostituzione urgente o una perizia tecnica dettagliata. Questo tipo di supporto, accompagnato ad un puntuale e veloce riscontro nella gestione delle garanzie, rappresenta per noi un valore aggiunto molto apprezzato dal Cliente, che va oltre quanto previsto dalla legge in materia di tutela del consumatore.