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Our story


The company was founded by Giordano Monzeglio in 1950. At first, he opened a small shop in the centre of Naples with the assistance of only a few employees. In keeping with the evolution of the spare parts market, the company transformed itself from both a distributive and qualitative perspective right up to 1980 with the creation of IDIR Ltd. Under the management of Sergio Monzeglio, Giordano’s son, this family run business gradually grew to become one of the most important operators in the aftermarket sector.


Nel 2000 l’azienda aveva già diversificato la propria attività, inserendo nuove linee di prodotto e soprattutto nuovi servizi, quando insieme ad altri distributori nazionali, promuove e fonda IDIA Group, network di distribuzione che sviluppa su scala nazionale il progetto “Point Service”, un network di Produttori, Distributori, Ricambisti ed Autoriparatori che rappresenta ad oggi, con circa 2400 officine indipendenti, il modello di network di filiera tra i più riconosciute a carattere nazionale dall’automobilista italiano.


In 2003, IDIR was granted the rights to operate as a Bosch supplier for Campania and Calabria. In 2007, thanks to the excellent work carried out in this period, IDIR became part of the TEMOT group – a platform that brings together the largest distributors and networks in 29 countries. For IDIR, this presented itself as the first opportunity to work side-by-side on a truly international level, soon to become characteristic of the future of the market.


In 2012 the business of supplying spare parts was expanded with the distribution of body parts, all managed from a new business unit in Casoria, Naples.
The commercial growth of the company came about thanks to the assistance of a “logistical” change, still in evolution, which will be come to fruition with the opening of a new 21000 sq. m warehouse near the IDIR headquarters in Casalnuovo di Napoli, Naples.
Over the last three years, IDIR has undergone enormous changes. These changes have seen the entry of Emanuele and Alesandro Monzeglio, the third generation of Monzeglios, to the business and the transformation of the company into a wholly national and international operation.


In fact, in 2014, with this internationalization project in mind, together with the OVAM Group and Maurelli, IDIR created a new company: NSD. This joint venture represents the group internationally. NSD has also developed the first example, in Italy, of a portal that targets the final consumer:


Today, the company is able to offer its clients a vast array of prestigious brand names; the leading national initiatives in the aftermarket sector; more than 120000 parts, immediately available; and a group of 150 people whose purpose is to satisfy our clients’ every need. IDIR has created a company that forecasts sales of over 55 million by 2015. As for the future, the objective is – as stated in the company mission statement – to “exchange the future.” This mission embodies the “bold characteristics” of the Monzeglio family: a bond between people able to innovate; believe in themselves, infectious with the desire for change. A characteristic able to attract the best professionals, motivating them with credible ideas and projects that always go beyond known boundaries, succeeding in every endeavour, every period and bringing every relationship added value.

Mission statement

More than anywhere, the true success of IDIR is found in our ability to create, across all levels, lasting relationships with clients and partners based on a clear project and a shared mission  for the creation of  value throughout the automotive industry. The overriding objective for IDIR comes from the satisfaction of our spare parts clients and from the auto repair workshops that we serve.

In reaching this objective, IDIR’s strength is given by:


A continuously expanding range of products that is equal to that offered by the main producers present in the market, and with the ever increasing fleet of cars in circulation.


A logistical investment programme that ensures the availability of all shipments wherever and whenever the client needs them in Italy. Delivery in 24hrs


Through the use of advanced market analysis, our marketeers are able to pinpoint the precise choice of products and services, and are capable of anticipating market trends and the most sought after technological innovations


Particular attention is given to new business so as to identify, before anyone else, and capitalise on emerging market opportunities. A shared strategy built on the creation of trust and common values.