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I-Rent is the new car rental service offered by IDIR and dedicated to professionals in the automotive sector: with us you will have the opportunity to provide to your customers a loaner.

The I-Rent service is available for: SalonistsDealersMultibrands (official and non-official) and Autorepairers (workshops, tire specialists and electricians), VAT registered and private rental.

How does it work
Choose your car
Choose the car based on your business and your needs
Choose services
Decide which services you want to include in the fixed monthly fee
Re - rent
Re – rent to your customer
100% satisfied
Evaluate whether to re-rent the car to your customer
I- Rent advantages

Renting a replacement car is an excellent opportunity to expand your business opportunities, because your workshop will offer an extra service.

You will be able to get more customers adding the car rental service that IDIR offers you.

Car park
You can choose from a wide range of different brands and models, based on your needs.
I-Rent module itself to your needs and allows you to customize the car and related services.
Care and attaention
IDIR is always on customers side . Need to change your rental? No problem, we are here for you.
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