Line Italia

A new way of conceiving the photovoltaic system.

Line Italia was born out of a collaboration with IDIR , the aim is to renewing the world of photovoltaics combining the usefulness of covered parking with the versatility of aluminum structures.

Its modularity allows the optimization of available spaces and a very rapid assembly. The structural design, with an innovative resistant scheme, has made it possible to use aluminum as the main material of the shelter and fixing systems and tie rods in stainless steel.

Smart Shelter i10
Tax deductions, energy savings and recharging services.

Today more than ever, car manufacturers are investing heavily on green power supplies. Following this tendence , we have created Smart Shelter I10.

The structure has a striking design, made with ultra-noble materials such as aluminium, a lightweight material with minimal environmental impact.

The core of the system is given by our Core Station, an innovative structure able to operate two processes simultaneously with a single interface, to offer a unique service to your customers.

The advantages
Industry 4.0 plan deductions
Installation costs reduced
Energy save
Innovative offer
Environment benefits
DPCM Decreto Sud
Aimed at companies and private
Any customer, private or company, can use the service.

The product can be purchased starting from a minimum of 10 KWP and multiple. Choosing our trademark, the user get a package including: low environmental impact aluminum shelter, photovoltaic modules and inverters, storage system energy, cable up to 7 meters (optional).

Our charging facilities are geolocatable, equipped with an internal modem and pluggable with a LAN cable or simple SIM.

To better understand the economic side , just consider that the basic 10KWP module (location for two covered cars + 2 semi-covered cars), guarantees savings for around 2,000 euros .

Assistance and guarantee
The ecological solution in the transport world with an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Once the column is installed, it is constantly monitored. Carried out in real time, our surveys allow us to operate quickly on possible damages.

Concerning the guarantee, it can be extended from a minimum of 5 years.

It is an all-inclusive offer based on service, the presence of experts and the economic-environmental benefits make the difference. In 8/10 weeks from the order, the product will arrive to the customer who immediately, will be able to see concrete advantages.

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